About Endurance

We have over a decade of experience in Residential, Industrial, Commercial, Controls, and HVAC Controls. We subscribe to a high standard of excellence and deliver.

We complete work with safety and quality as a top priority. We take the the time during the design phase to make sure the customer gets what they want. Customer service is our top priority.

We serve Prince George, Stoner, Hixon, Strathnaver, Cinema, 10 Mile Lake, Quesnel and area, Cottonwood House, Wells, Barkerville, Bowron Lake, Bouchie Lake, Milburn Lake, Blackwater, Baker Creek, Punteseacut, Tibbles Lake, Nazko, Batenuni, Kluskus, Kersley, Australian, Alexandria, Marguerite Ferry, McLeese Lake, Soda Creek, Deep Creek, Williams Lake and area.